Monday, June 28, 2010

Down under to over the top....

Up early and off for the underground tour of Seattle, a combination history tour and attempted comedy session (the "comedy" we could have done without! Far too many Crapper jokes.) Seattle in it's early life burned to the ground. Everyone agreed it was the perfect time to take the top of one of the hills to raise the level of the city above the "mud flat" level. The only thing was they didn't have money to do that and it would take too long. So, instead, the buildings were rebuilt with entrances on both the first and second floor levels. When tax revenues started coming in again, retaining walls were built around the buildings and the level of the streets raised to the second floor level. Fascinating! Of course this has nothing whatever to do with the photo on the left. That's the Seattle Public Library. (You would LOVE it Susan!) It's a beautiful building and, the best part, it was packed with folks USING the library, all 10 floors. There's a reason it's listed in the top ten things to see and do in Seattle.

Of course, nary a day goes by without great food. Bridge was not looking forward to taking the time to hand shred the cabbage when I mentioned I just happened to have a cabbage shredder packed in my suitcase (doesn't everyone travel with one?). Actually I'd found it at a thrift store in Boulder for $1 and thought it was too good to pass up. Worked like a charm too.

The bottom photo is Win cutting up the mangoes for the delicious mango bread pudding she made. Yum!
We'll have sweet dreams tonight...

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rkd said...

A clever ruse to gradually wean us off our addictions, eh?
It does obligate you to do a truly exhausting wrap-up, you know.