Sunday, June 27, 2010


Having spent a "memorable" night crisscrossing the Washington desert by moonlight and staying in a "marginal" motel, we were all too ready to head west this morning. By pure happenstance we came upon Cave B Inn & Winery. Beautiful, beautiful place in every way. (We couldn't help imagining what if we had found them last night...) The upper left photo is the entrance to their tasting room (we were there too early to taste). Bottom left - the grape arbor that surrounds the croquet court (and we thought the one at TI Park was special...) The whole facility has the most incredible view over a gorge. Right next to Cave B is the Gorge Amphitheatre -bottom right shows the stage and the small grassy bit you see in the lower right is part of the seating. Spectacular to say the least. Upper right - looks like we somehow got transplanted to the Alps but it's Leavenworth, WA. German food on every corner - John was a happy boy!
Finally Seattle and Bridge (right) and Win (middle). John's so happy to be here (the martini may also have helped...) he's actually smiling for the photo as well as pointing (seems to be contagious). You will be happy to know, Bridge has lined up a VW guru (female I might add) to keep Tillie running like a top.

Bridge has a whirlwind week planned for us. I'll try to post through Saturday, then that's it for this trip.
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Sarah said...

We love the picture of Uncle John with Bridge and Win! He looks like a giggly school kid! Adorable!