Sunday, June 20, 2010

Say cheese...

First came the goats. Sarah is petting Claudia who was partly responsible for the milk we picked up at the dairy this morning. (Sarah had to sign her life away to verify the milk was for her very hungry cats...)
Then the kitchen was turned into the SarahLynn cheese making operation. First mozzarella and then ricotta - both wonderful! (I have all the instructions so can't wait to try it back in NY.)

While the women were bringing home the milk, the guys were in the backyard trying out the new tools by cutting a big hole in the door. (Thank you Habitat for the $5 door from the local Restore!) As soon as some beads or cloth is found, it's dogs in and out, flies out.

Showing their versatility the men proved their worth by making the pasta, then helping stuff the ravioli using, of course, the fresh ricotta plus herbs from their garden. Top the ravioli with Sarah's homemade sauce and even Italian grandmothers would be forced to give us high marks.

And the mozzarella you ask? Thin sliced between slices of local yellow & red tomatoes, a bit of basil & oregano straight from the garden, then a drizzle of olive oil. If you aren't hungry for your own Italian dinner after this, there is really no hope!

Tillie made two short outings today and Sarah & Kenny both said she ran like a top. Let's hope so. Tomorrow it's up and over the Rockies on our way to Utah.

The final photo? Let's just say we can say "meow" with the best of them...
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