Thursday, June 24, 2010

A green day in Boise...

Good morning, Boise! Yvonne (a person of many talents not the least of which is baking) made us homemade croissants for breakfast, a 12 hour process. In fact, she was up at 4 a.m. preparing them for their final rise. Talk about making one feel special! The result (from our perspective - Yvonne said she'd never do that again) was well worth it as they were absolutely DE-licious!!! I've never had a fresher and tastier one (okay so it was two... scratch that, three and it took a LOT of will power to stop there!) Thank you, Yvonne!!!

My memories of Boise always involve the words "hot" and "dry". This year is an exception to the dry part. Lots of spring rains mean things here are green and flowers are everywhere. Boise is filled with beautiful city parks and Garry took us to several of them. The bottom right photo in the collage is a chunk of the oldest/largest ponderosa pine that ever lived. It was 379 years when it came down. The house photo? That's the boyhood home of John & Frank and looking pretty good these days I must say although they don't have a plaque saying "Frankie & Johnny lived here"...

The bottom photo is especially for Frank & Rita. For you folks who don't have a clue who they are, they're all from Boise. Garry, Bob, John (okay, he's not from Boise now but he grew up there), Yvonne, & Elinor. As you might expect, the dinner Elinor & Bob prepared for us was great. And we managed to polish off a sizable chunk of the chocolate cake Yvonne had made. Thank heavens for that after dinner walk to the new park going in near their home!

And where's Tillie? She's at the shop awaiting parts - something to do with brakes and boots this time. I ask you... just how many parts can a VW have?!
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rkd said...

It's been rare the last few days for your entry to induce envy but you sure made up for it w/ this one! Dawn to dusk, croissants to cake!